On the occasion of Africa Day, celebrated under particularly challenging circumstances this year, ELIAMEP has published a Policy Brief on the relations between the EU and Africa. The scope of EU-African relations has been widened in the last decades with the addition of a large number of issues beyond trade and aid. However, this development has undermined the coherence of European policies, posing new challenges but also offering new opportunities for giving new meaning to the concept of EurAfrica. Its core points are:

· European integration is historically linked to the idea of EurAfrica

· The scope of the EU-Africa relationship has been widened since the turn of century to include new issues ranging from climate change to terrorism and from liberalization of trade to migration

· However the widening of the agenda has posed new coherence dilemmas for the EU

· Despite Brexit, new challenges (migration, China and climate change) and opportunities (freer trade and development) are expected to lead to a stronger and less asymmetrical partnership, making a non-colonial EurAfrica a real possibility.

You can find the full brief written by Asteris Huliaras, Professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations, University of the Peloponnese and Member of the Advisory Board of ELIAMEP, here.