A special report by Manos Matsaganis exploring some fascinating (and sometimes painful) questions concerning issues of vital importance for the future of Greece, its society and economy.

  • What skills (knowledge and skills) are needed to thrive in the digital age? Does artificial intelligence make investment in knowledge unnecessary? Read here.
  • What level of knowledge and skills do Greeks have today? How do they compare with the knowledge and skills possessed by people in other countries? Read here.
  • Is upgrading skills a necessary and sufficient condition for the transition to a more dynamic production model? Read here.
  • What is a good training system for? How is it organised? Which categories of workers and unemployed people need it most? Read here.
  • How “good” can the training system in Greece be considered? Is the lack of money to blame for its failures? Read here.
  • Is technical education and vocational training in our country a lost cause? If not, what can realistically be done? Read here.