“We have one of the most pro-European and moderate parliaments in the EU. This is not so self-evident.  If this seems excessive to you, you can compare today’s parliament with that of 2010, ’11, and ’12, where a large majority voted against the necessary adjustments that the economy needed,” said George Pagoulatos in a discussion with Maria Demertzis, Anna Diamantopoulou, Dimitris Kourkoulas and Margaritis Schinas, moderated by Yannis Koutsomytis,  in the conference hosted by the Circle of Ideas for National Reconstruction and Symeon G. Tsomokos S.A., on the topic of “Greece after (?) the pandemic.” Pagoulatos said that Greece has four big challenges ahead of it in 2030: economic growth and sustainability, climate change, the migration challenge, and security. In all four, responsible national choices are a prerequisite, but the EU’s role will be crucial.

You may watch the discussion in Greek here