The South-East Europe Programme (ELIAMEP) organized a roundtable discussion between 13-14 March in the context of the European Project “YouthEU: “Challenging Euroscepticism through Educating and Empowering Youth as European Citizens (YouthEU)”. The participants presented the activities and the results of the workshop in Brussels, with an emphasis on the pillar of democracy.


Spyros Blavoukos, Senior Research Fellow, Head of Ariane Condellis European programme of ELIAMEP and Associate Professor of Athens University of Economics and Business, raised questions on crucial issues. In particular, he highlighted the importance of the media in the elections, the dual results of e-voting in the European elections and the action of non-European actors destabilising the region.


The discussion, which was moderated by ELIAMEP’s Head of the SE Europe Programme, Ioannis Armakolas, focused on Euroscepticism in Greece. Emphasis was placed on how digitalisation and new technologies are changing the structure of society and on the active role that MEPs should play as representatives of nation states. The discussion concluded with an exchange of views on how to promote the European idea among young people.