On March 08, 2023, the PAVE team of ELIAMEP organized a working session, in Athens, Greece. This event managed to gather experts, journalists, analysts and practitioners in the area of radicalization, and representatives from state/governmental institutions, civil society, and embassies providing a platform for further discussion on the trends of radicalization that leads to violent extremism in the European Union and the Western Balkan region.

The main objective of this event was to present the impact or radicalisation leading to violent extremism on European security through the risk and resilience map. This map visualises in a dual way the transnational risk and resilient factors. On the second half, ELIAMEP presented the toolkit which is based on the risk map and the comparative analysis report. The toolkit provides a methodology and steps about two main procedures in order to use effectively the risk map: 1) risk assessment and 2) resilience assessment and mitigation plans. It also includes tips and suggestions for policy makers and practitioners in order to enhance their abilities for prevention politics and resilience initiatives. An important part of the toolkit is the risk scenarios which will help for the better use of risk and resilience frameworks.