The Allumni of Graduates from the Hellenic National Defence College and the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) cordially invite you to the event titled:

70 years from the Founding of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization – Present and Future. Its Importance for Greek Security and Defence.


  • Yannis Alexis Zepos, Ambassador ad. hon., Former Permanent Representative of Greece to NATO, member of the ‘Wise Men Group’ of NATO, former Secretary General of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Nikos Zachariadis, Director General for Defence Policy, Head of General Directorate of National Defence Policy and International Relations for the Ministry of National Defence
  • Ino Afentouli, Public Diplomacy Division, NATO
  • Thanos Dokos, Director-General, ELIAMEP


  • Aggelos Athanasopoulos, Diplomatic Editor on the newspaper “To Vima”

The event will be held in Greek