In the context of ELIAMEP’s cooperation with the TARGET Programme “Promoting and Improving Equality in Research and Higher Education: Views from Greece”, the first working meeting was held on Wednesday 21 February 2018 at the Electra Metropolis Hotel (Metropoleos 15), Thyme Room (first floor).

The program of the event is available here in English.

Α few words about the TARGET Program:

*TAking a Reflexive approach to Gender Equality for institutional Transformation (TARGET)

TARGET initiates institutional change in seven gender equality innovating institutions (GEIIs) in the Mediterranean basin – including research performing organisations (RPOs), research funding organisations (RFOs) and a network of universities. TARGET takes a reflexive approach which goes beyond the formal adoption of a gender equality plan by emphasising an iterative reflection of progress made as well as establishing a community of practice to effect institutional transformation. Actual change is the result of increased institutional willingness and capacity to identify, reflect on and address gender bias in a sustained way.

Starting point and anchor of the process is a tailored Gender Equality Plan or Strategy (GEP/GES) in each GEII. TARGET will build the institutional capacity for a reflexive gender equality policy by: developing effective tools for each stage of the GEP/GES.

To ensure that action taken has a multiplier effect, each GEII will undertake targeted dissemination activities to initiate a national/regional discourse on gender equality in R&I. Furthermore, TARGET will develop new knowledge for institutions, practitioners and policymakers based on a comparative analysis of GEP implementation and sustainability to provide a basis for effective sharing of practice in both proactive and relatively inactive countries – taking into account differences in cultural, socio-economic and political settings.