On Tuesday 12 September 2023, the second of a series of five online roundtable discussions took place in the context of the project “Civil Society Network in the Context of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in Greece”, a project funded by the Acf programme and implemented by ELIAMEP together with ICHR.

The strategy paper a working group of NGO representatives (group titled ‘Peace and Justice’) had produced on healthcare inequalities in Greece, was presented during the roundtable discussion by Stella Argyropoulou, PERPATO Association, and Vassiliki Ntzoufra, the paper’s main authors. Lilian Venetia Vildiridi, General Secretary for Health Services, and Fotini Kaliva, General Secretary of Public Health then commented on the paper and related issues, and a highly fruitful discussion followed.

The event, the speeches and the discussion were moderated by Dimitri A. Sotiropoulos, professor of political science at the University of Athens and senior research fellow at ELIAMEP.