Co-organisers: the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) and Melissa



10.00-10.30 Registration
10.30-11.30 Refugee women’s integration:

Presentation of the INTEGRA-TRAIN

10.30-10.35 Lefteris Papagiannakis, Vice Mayor for Migration & Integration, City of Athens
10.35-10.50 “Women weaving social cohesion”

Nadina Christopoulou, Anthropologist, Melissa Network co-Founder & coordinator

10.50-11.10 “Empowering women migrants and refugees”

Deborah Carlos Valencia, Social Worker, Melissa Network co-Founder

11.10-11.30 “Integration: challenges and ways forward: the INTEGRA-TRAIN project in Greece”

Rosa Vasilaki, Researcher, ELIAMEP

11.30-11.45 Questions and discussion
11.45-12.00 Coffee Break
12.00-13.00 Refugee women’s integration:

Voices and views from within

12.00-12.15 1. Entering sanctuary

·  Andrea Borja, Social Scientist

·  Alice Fevre, Legal Expert

·  Karima Ganji, Interpreter, Cultural Mediator & Former Participant

12.15-12.25 2. Learning & connecting

Vicky Koursoumi, Educator & Bahareh Rezaei, Participant

12.25-12.40 3. Building resilience

·  Panagiota Arvaniti, Clinical Psychologist & Psychodramatist

·  Farahnaz Ahmadi, Cultural Mediator & Former Participant

·  Parwaneh Afshari, Participant

12.40-12.45 4. #HearMyVoice

Asmaa Alheder, MN Participant

12.45-13.00 5. “The gift-box”

Meike Plötner, Participative Evaluation Specialist

13.00-13.30 Questions and discussion
13.30-14.00 Light Lunch
14.00-14.45 Voices and views from within: Community engagement projects

Roundtable: Community leaders sharing their experience

Moderator: Maria Ohilebo, chef, Melissa Network co-Founder & Vice-President of NIDO (Nigerians in Diaspora)
·  Loida Dollette President of DIWATA (Determined Independent Women in Action for Total Advancement & Kasapi Philippino community)

·  Grace Thuo, Founder of KWETA (Kenyan Women Empowering Talents)

·  Natalia Kapanadze, Ivironi (Georgian community)

·  Hanna Oliynych (Club of Ukrainian Women in Greece)

·  Mahboubeh Tavakoli, Feeding the Homeless initiative

14.45-15.00 Questions and discussion