On January 16th, the ‘Ariane Condellis’ European Programme of ELIAMEP will host an event entitled ” More Security, Less Democracy? Striving for a Balance”. Τhe European Union is facing a series of simultaneous crises triggered by geopolitical and geoeconomic tectonic shifts. Amidst these challenges, the EU is striving to uphold democratic values while effectively safeguarding citizens’ security. This event aims to shed light on the Union’s current challenges and dilemmas while explore potential solutions to tackle them.

Speakers at the event include Dr. Triantafillos Karatrantos, Senior Research Fellow on Radicalisation, Terrorism, Policing Models, Security and Foreign Policy at ELIAMEP and Professor Spyros Blavoukos, AUEB, and Senior Research Fellow and Head of the European Programme “Ariane Condellis” at ELIAMEP. The debate is co-organized with the EU Youth Hub, a youth organization that aims to foster deliberation on critical European Union matters. The event will take place at the Inter Alia event hall, at 50-52 Valtetsiou Street, from 15:00 to 17:00, and will be conducted in English.

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