16th European Seminar: Europe in the new geopolitical context – Hydra 2022

The 16th European Seminar: “Europe in the new geopolitical context” was held in Hydra on 6-9 October, 2022, with the kind support of the Open Society Foundations.


Please find the seminar programme here.

List Of Participants

You can find the list of participants here.


In the framework of the 16th European Seminar, the following podcasts have been recorded:

A perilous winter – Jeromin Zettelmeyer

Breaking taboos – Zaki Laïdi, Göran von Sydow and Wolfgang Wessels

Europe through multiple crises – Brigid Laffan

Fighting in Ukraine – Dr Hanna Shelest

Lessons learned from the war in Ukraine – Anthony Gardner

The transformation of the EU through crises – Herman Van Rompuy