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The paper takes as starting point the call by President Vucic of Serbia for a dialogue on the future of Kosovo with a view to reaching a historic agreement between […]

Working Paper deals with the the inclusion of refugees in the Greek education system

This working paper traces the experience emanating from the first year of the implementation of the project for the inclusion of refugee children in the Greek education system run by […]

ELIAMEP Working Paper discusses the political turmoil in Kosovo

In Working Paper 88/2017 of ELIAMEP’s South East Europe Programme, Research Associate Bledar Feta deals with the political situation in Kosovo. More specifically, the paper attempts to provide the main […]

ELIAMEP Working Paper analyses the Imia crisis

Undoubtedly, the Imia crisis was a major event in transnational relations between Greece and Turkey. In the January 1996 crisis, Turkish soldiers landed on Greek soil, ie the two countries […]

Working Paper analyses factors affecting the education of Greek high school students on international relations issues

The purpose of this Working Paper is to study the factors which affect the education of Greek high school students in issues of international relations and foreign policy with an […]

A Dictionary on the conflict in Syria

The Dictionary on the conflict in Syria presents and explains key terms of the civil war. It is authored by Ms Chiara Tzivraili as ELIAMEP Working Paper 83/2017 (October 2017). The […]

ELIAMEP working paper deals with the Balkan Silk Roas

The “Balkan Silk Road” is the name given to the transport route and logistics corridor that China is beginning to establish in the region. The Balkans, and by extension Southeast […]

ELIAMEP Working Paper on Eurasia and Putin

Joining the debate on the role of President of Russia Vladimir Putin in international politics and the relations between Russia and the West, the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign […]

New politics by the new FYROM government?

In his Working Paper Ambassador (retired) Alexandros Mallias analyses the perspectives for  improving the relations between Greece and the former Yugoslav Republic of  Macedonia the day after the formation of […]

Recruitment of Europeans into ISIS

Europe, and most importantly, Western Europe has become a fertile ground for ISIS recruits. Western Muslim Europeans have been making the trip to Syria and Iraq, filling in the ranks […]
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