The Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) takes part in the process for setting the EU’s strategic priorities, with a series of interventions and meetings, the aim of which is the exchange of views and the submission of policy proposals on the multiple and complex themes that will determine the future of the Union.

Τwo days before the highly anticipated informal meeting of EU leaders on May 9th in Sibiu, Romania, Mr. George Pagoulatos, Vice President at ELIAMEP, Professor of European Politics and Economy, will participate in a panel debate on the Strategic Priorities of the EU, which will be held, in Brussels, in the context of the conference of the European Policy Center (ECP) titled: “Yes, We Should! EU Priorities for 2019-2024”.

In parallel, just a few weeks before the European elections, Mr Pagoulatos wrote a related article in a special EPC issue titled: “Deepening the EMU as a win-win: How to keep the reform debate alive”, analyzing the issue of deepening the Eurozone.

The Informal European Council in Sibiu, Romania on 9 May 2019 will bring together the EU Heads of State or Government to discuss the next EU Strategic Agenda for the period 2019-2024 and to exchange views on challenges and priorities regarding the EU for the coming years. As has already been announced, the agenda of the meeting will be set on 5 main axes: 1) employment, growth and competitiveness; 2) empowerment and protection of citizens; 3) energy and climate policies; 4) freedom, security and justice and 5) the EU as a strong global player.

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