Dr. Ioannis N. Grigoriadis, Research Fellow at ELIAMEP and Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science, Bilkent University, won an honourable mention in this year’s 6th Sakıp Sabancı International Research Awards Contest with his paper entitled “Turkey’s New Foreign Policy Activism: Evaluating its Political and Economic Underpinnings.” Established by Sabancı University in honour of the late Sakıp Sabancı, the Honorary Board of Trustees Chairman of Sabancı University, the “Sakıp Sabancı International Research Awards” were given at a ceremony held on Monday, June 6 2011. The ceremony was hosted by Sabancı University Board of Trustees Chair Güler Sabancı and President A. Nihat Berker. The theme for this year’s awards was “New Directions for Turkish Foreign Policy in a Changing World: Issues and Opportunities”. The winner was Boğaziçi University Professor Kemal Kirişci with his paper entitled “Turkey’s Engagement with Its Neighbourhood: A “Synthetic” and Multidimensional Look at Turkey’s Foreign Policy Transformation.”