On Monday, May 8th, and exactly 78 years since the Victory-in-Europe Day, Dr. Panagiotis Barkas, Policy Officer at the European Securities and Markets Authority and Research Fellow at the ELIAMEP Greek and European Economy Observatory, delivered a lecture on the pertinent topic of “Consumer protection and financial innovation” at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies and the Florence School of Banking & Finance of the European University Institute (EUI). The lecture was part of an online training course titled “Global regulatory cooperation: Overview and New Frontiers” for the project “EU Supervisory Digital Finance Academy (EU-SDFA)”. He shared his thoughts, knowledge and insights on this important topic with a distinguished group of participants and organisers from policy and academia.
The EU Supervisory Digital Finance Academy (EU-SDFA) is an EU Technical Support Instrument (TSI) flagship initiative aimed at supporting financial supervisory authorities in coping with the risks and opportunities associated with the use of advanced technologies in the financial sector. The European Commission has established the Academy in cooperation with the three European Supervisory Authorities (EBA – ESMA – EIOPA) and the Florence School of Banking of the European University Institute (FBF-EUI). The EU-SDFA encompasses comprehensive training cycles and workshops enabling the acquisition of new expertise and skills, knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer exchanges within the financial supervisory community.