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Προβολή Όλων

Προκλήσεις εσωτερικής ασφάλειας: η ανάγκη μεταρρύθμισης του μηχανισμού διαχείρισης εκτάκτων καταστάσεων

Στον 21ο αιώνα, θα υπάρξουν μια σειρά από σημαντικές προκλήσεις για την εθνική ασφάλεια, την οικονομική ευημερία και την κοινωνική σταθερότητα. Η ικανότητα μιας χώρας να διαχειρίζεται έκτακτες καταστάσεις έχει […]

Electing a new head for the Assembly of Experts in Iran & the controversy between reformists and conservatives

The recent replacement of Ayyatullah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani by  Ayyatullah Mohammad-Reza Mahdavi Kani has been idely interpreted as a victory of the conservative political forces on the moderates in Iran. […]

From the Balkans to South East Europe: challenges and prospects in the 21st century

Even though the Balkans do not constitute anymore the “powder key of Europe”, it is clear that they have not yet been evolved to be an example of stability, development […]

ELIAMEP Thesis 6/2010: Kosovo after the Hague

In the latest issue of ELIAMEP Thesis Alexandros Mallias states that the International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) Advisory Opinion of 22 July 2010 led to an increasing public debate in relation […]

ELIAMEP Thesis 4/2010: Organised crime and corruption in and around South-Eastern Europe: trends and counter-efforts

In the latest issue of ELIAMEP Thesis Dr. Sappho Xenakis suggests that with financial pressures weighing increasingly heavily on policy-making for national and non-state actors alike it now is a […]

ELIAMEP Thesis 3/2010: Russia’s ‘regeneration’ and the perspectives for the Greek-Russian relations

In the latest issue of ELIAMEP Thesis, Dr. Thanos Dokos evaluates the position and role of Russia in the new geopolitical environment adopting the position that despite the difference of […]

Vyron Theodoropoulos the diplomat and teacher: essays in the footprints of his thought

The present collective volume Vyron Theodoropoulos, the diplomat and teacher is dedicated to the work and life of Ambassador Vyron Theodoropoulos, special advisor and member of the Honorary Council of […]

Short Dictionary of Greek-Turkish relations

ELIAMEP’s Working paper no 11 by Dr .Thanos Dokos, ELIAMEP’s General Director and Visiting Lecturer PD. 407 in the department of Turkish and Contemporary Asian Studies of the University of […]

Solutions proposed by a Greek Think-Tank for the Kosovo Conundrum

ELIAMEP’s Working Paper no 7 by Thanos Veremis, ELIAMEP’s Vice President and Professor of History, University of Athens, presents the solutions proposed for the Kosovo Conundrum by the Greek think-tank, […]

ELIAMEP Thesis 2/2010:EU energy security and Russia: a re-conceptualization of threats and policy priorities

In the latest issue of ELIAMEP Thesis, Filippos Proedrou,  Lecturer of Politics and International Relations in City College, Thessaloniki, argues that while the global economic crisis has overshadowed most policy-making […]

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