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United in diversity? European integration and political cultures

At a time when the European Union is further expanding and countries such as Turkey are being accepted for eventual membership, the question of what is meant by a unified […]

Simple lessons in Danish or The functional operation of the labour market

In the following chapters the organizational model of the labour market (flexicurity), which the European Union promotes, is presented in the context of the revised strategy of Lisbon. The special […]

Global, Social and Political Europe

While decisions are still generally perceived to be taken (mostly) by foreigners in distant places, not to mention that successive rounds of enlargement keep on bringing in new foreigners from […]

The European Constitution after (a period of) reflection

Following the rejection of the Constitutional Treaty by France and the Netherlands, it is rather unlikely that the ratification procedure will continue. However, the European Union remains in urgent need […]

The Integration of Cultural Considerations in EU Law and Policies

This book evaluates the degree of accommodation, or lack thereof, of cultural considerations in EC law and action and offers valuable insight into the plethora of ways in which the […]

Το Ισλάμ στην Ευρώπη

Στο πλαίσιο της ανάλυσης του Ισλάμ, το βιβλίο αντιτίθεται στις γενικεύσεις για την παρουσία των Μουσουλμάνων στον Ευρωπαϊκό χώρο. Αναδεικνύει τις διαφορές ανάμεσα στις χώρες και προσφέρει μια πιο ρεαλιστική […]

Η ανάπτυξη, η αμφισβήτηση και η μεταρρύθμιση του ευρωπαϊκού κοινωνικού κράτους: “It’s the economy stupid!”

Η συζήτηση που ακολουθεί οργανώνεται σε τρεις ενότητες που, με τη σειρά τους, αντιστοιχούν σε ισάριθμες επιμέρους, όμως άρρηκτα συνδεδεμένες θεματικές συνιστώσες της σύγχρονης ακαδημαϊκής και πολιτικής αντιπαράθεσης σχετικά με […]

The European Constitution after (a period of) reflection

Athens, 12 March 2007ELIAMEP’s new Policy Paper titled: “The European Constitution after (a period of) reflection” (in greek) was presented by Nikos Koutsiaras, Lecturer, School of Law, Economics and Political Sciences, […]

When size and diversity do not really matter: the dismal political economy of social and labour market policy coordination in the EU

Interrelation between widening and deepening may hardly be present under certain circumstances pertaining to potential membership and/or particular policy areas. This is theoretically discussed, albeit very briefly, in the first […]

Transcultural Europe. Cultural Policy in a Changing Europe

The book offers an innovative assessment of these questions and aims to provoke debates about the way forward for cultural policy in Europe.Based on extensive theoretical and empirical research by […]

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