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ELIAMEP Thesis analyses the current refugee crisis

The present paper written by Dr Angeliki Dimitriadi, discusses the current refugee crisis from its outbreak to its evolution, attempts to set current EU responses in a contextual setting, from […]

Prof. Anna Triandafyllidou analyses on EUROPP how the EU could better manage the migration crisis

Professor Anna Triandafyllidou wrote an article on European Politics and Policy  blog of LSE on ‘EU migration talks: What EU governments can do to help solve the crisis’. The article is […]

Professor Triandafyllidou discusses the irregular migration crisis in the Mediterranean on EUROPP LSE blog

While the problem of irregular crossings and the tragic loss of human life witnessed recently is not new in the Mediterranean, the geopolitical context within which this happens is quite […]

MIDAS Policy Brief focuses on the costs and effectiveness of detention in the context of irregular migration policy

The present policy brief seeks to shed light on an aspect of Greece’s irregular migration policy that has been under-researched; notably the costs and effectiveness of detention. It argues that investing heavily […]

Article by Professor Anna Triandafyllidou and Dr Ruby Gropas in American Behavioral Scientist

In this article, Professor Anna Triandaffylidou and Dr Ruby Gropas present new empirical data on highly skilled emigrants from two southern European countries, Italy and Greece, which have been particularly […]

Article by Professor Anna Triandafyllidou in Island Studies Journal

Professor Anna Triandafyllidou published the article: ‘Multi-levelling and externalizing migration and asylum: lessons from the southern European islands’ in Island Studies Journal (vol.9, no. 11, pp 7-22). The Journal is […]

MIDAS Policy Brief: Detention as Punishment: Can indefinite detention be Greece’s main policy tool to manage its irregular migrant population?

The challenges that Europe faces, with regard to controlling irregular migration and providing protection to people in need, are complex. Greece’s policy for irregular migration control includes arrest and return […]

IRMA Working Paper: ‘Globalization and Irregular Migration’

The IRMA project is informed by the wider theoretical framework of globalization studies which point to the erosion of the sovereignty and independence of the nation state. Globalization is a multi-faceted […]

New publication: Ιmmigrants’ intergration and the urban space

In this article, P. Hatziprokopiou and Ν. Montagna discuss the spatial dimensions in processes of incorporation of immigrants in European metropolises, focusing on the specific case of Chinatown and on two recent occasions when its […]

New Publication: Greek Education Policy and Migration

In a recent article entitled “Greek education policy and the challenge of migration: an ‘intercultural’ view of assimilation” Ruby Gropas and Anna Triandafyllidou argue that there is a conceptual confusion […]

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