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Research Seminars

Since January 2007, ELIAMEP has started a series of Research Seminars organized by its team of researchers with a view to discussing their current and recent work, providing critical input and also learning from each other. The Seminars are genuinely interdisciplinary bringing together postgraduate, postdoctoral and senior researchers from sociology, politics, social anthropology, or economics specialized in issues of European integration, migration, international relations, human rights, labour market and the media. Each session involves discussing and commenting on a research paper, which is circulated in advance. The research papers are usually work in progress and are part of one of ELIAMEP’s research projects. The seminars are open to researchers and graduate students that are external to ELIAMEP.

The seminars are held on a monthly basis (from September till July each year) always at lunch time, that is between 13.00 and 14.30. For organizational reasons, those wishing to attend and who are not regular attendees should contact Director General Thanos Dokos who is Convenor of the ELIAMEP Research Seminars.

Dia Anagnostou and Alina Mungiu-Pippidi – Explaining variable state implementation of European Court of Human Rights Judgments

9.02.10This study inquires into why states implement differently the European Court of Human Rights (hereby ECtHR or ‘Court’) judgments that pertain to core civil liberties (Articles 8-11/14 ECHR), as well […]

Giannis Grigoriadis – The Rise of Anti-American Nationalism in Turkey

25.01.10Giannis Grigoriadis examines the rise of anti-American nationalism in Turkey. While Turkish public opinion has developed strong views against a set of foreign policies furthered by the United States, recent […]

Evangelia Psychogiopoulou – The key conclusions of the project Collecting Societies

17.12.09Central to the notion of cultural diversity is the production and diffusion of diverse cultural expressions. Specifically in the field of music, the essence of cultural diversity lies in the […]

George Mesthos – “Prevailing Faith”: The Church of Greece and Immigrants

26.11.09There is a dissonance in the discussion of the Church of Greece (hereafter the Church) and immigration. On the one hand academics and immigration experts often omit the Church as […]

Jens Bastian – The Balkans and the Global Crisis in 2009

As the global crisis deepens, the economic outlook for the region of southeast Europe darkens. How are countries in the Balkans affected by and reacting to the global financial riptide? […]

Stefanos Xenarios – Climate change and human security for vulnerable groups

Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the context of Greece’s presidency of the Human Security Network for 2007/2008, undertook the tracing of vital threatens and social vulnerabilities in poor regions. […]

R. King & A. Christou – Cultural geographies of counter-diasporic migration: the second generation returns “home”

This paper introduces the notion of ‘counter-diasporic migration’ as the process whereby the secondgeneration relocates to the ancestral homeland – the birthplace of their parents. We review and critically analyse […]

Ioannis Grigoriadis – On the Europeanization of Minority Rights Protection: Comparing the Cases of Greece and Turkey

The transformation of the character of the European Union and the diffusion of European norms facilitated a drastic improvement of minority rights in Greece in the 1990s. Nonetheless, significant problems […]

Heath Cabot – The pink card: documenting legal limbo

The author seeks to track the pink card not just through the bureaucratic machinery of asylum and advocacy practices, but how it emerges in the disparate movements and talk of […]

Thanos Dokos – VMD proliferation in the Middle East: threats and challenges to security

Preventing non-state actors from gaining access Whereas military preparations as an option of last resort may be necessary, theThe proliferation of WMD and ballistic missiles in the Middle East and […]

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