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MOVEACT “All Citizens Now”: Intra-EU Mobility and Political Participation of English, Germans, Poles and Romanians in Western and Southern Europe

Post the 2004 and 2007 enlargements, EU citizenship has mainly been interpreted as free-movement rights allowing for migration between member states of the Union. The population of mobile Europeans has expanded and diversified since then. Intra-EU movers form a heterogeneous category: manual workers (mostly but not only from accession countries), high-skilled globally-oriented professionals, North-to-South retirees, students, life-style movers, bi-national family members. While they are likely to have different personal trajectories, expectations and plans, these people are key “pioneers” of European integration “from below” – living testimonials of a novel, democratic and dynamic social fabric on a transnational scale.

The participation of intra-EU movers in the social and political life of the communities where they have chosen to live – away from their country of origin – is extremely important, as they embody the rich cultural diversity on which European integration is ultimately predicated.

The project targets British, German, Polish and Romanian citizens residing in France, Italy, Spain and Greece. Germany, the UK, Poland and Romania are currently, according to Eurostat, the four EU states that have sent the most migrants to other member states. With regards to the destination countries, France, Italy, Spain and Greece show a relatively high rate of immigration for the four selected nationalities – which are not simultaneously numerous in other member states.

The MOVEACT project aims at:

a) establishing the personal and contextual factors that condition the political participation of EU citizens who live in a member state different from the one where they were born and/or grew up (i.e., intra-EU movers);

b) tackling the cultural and knowledge factors that prevent the political participation of intra-EU movers in their communities of residence, by preparing and launching a multi-media promotion campaign in the interests of such participation.

Project funded by the European Commission, DG Justice, Fundamental Rights & Citizenship Programme

Duration: 1 April 2011 – 31 March 2013
Project coordinator: Prof. Ettore Recchi, University of Chieti-Pescara, Italy

The Migration Research Team of ELIAMEP (Prof. Anna Triandafyllidou & Ms Michaela Maroufof ) is responsible for conducting the research in Greece. 

For more information visit the Project website

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