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Assessing integration measures for vulnerable migrant groups (ASSESS)

logo EC (2)The importance of integration for realising the potential of migration has been recognised by the EU through several high level initiatives and documents since 1999. Most recently, this recognition has been embodied in the 2011 European Agenda for the Integration of Third Country Nationals as well as the 3rd Annual Report on Immigration and Asylum 2011. However, despite measures at the level of Member States aimed at ensuring to Third Country Nationals rights and obligations comparable to those of EU Nationals, these migrants continue to face various challenges to their integration, including in employment, education and social inclusion.

The ASSESS project (Assessing integration measures for vulnerable migrant groups) will monitor and assess the effectiveness of integration measures that have been adopted at the level of Member States. The assessment, in particular, aims to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the application of the common EU guidelines and principles in the area of integration. It specifically focuses on the most vulnerable migrant groups, such as women, children and victims of trafficking. In addition, the project will serve to identify and initiate the exchange of good practice in the field between EU countries of different migration patterns, regimes and experiences.

The project’s objectives are:

  • To develop standardized methods for the monitoring of integration of vulnerable migrants, applicable across the EU;
  • To assess the effectiveness of integration policy and measures for vulnerable migrant groups such as women, children and victims of trafficking;
  • To formulate recommendations for improving the integration of vulnerable migrant groups across the EU, including identification of good practices;
  • To raise awareness among national stakeholders of the need to develop vulnerability-sensitive integration processes that address the particular circumstances of vulnerable migrants related to exclusion, exploitation and trafficking.

The project will be carried out in 10 EU Member States that represent Europe’s different migration patterns and experiences in dealing with migration and integration issues. They include five ‘old’ Member States with considerable immigrant inflows (Austria, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Spain) and five ‘new’ Member States with ‘evolving’ immigration patterns and regimes (Bulgaria, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovakia). Moreover, the project will address developments at the European institution level.

The project started on 1 November 2013 and will last for 18 months. It is expected to contribute to (and inform) a process of improvement in the way the integration needs of vulnerable migrant groups are addressed at the national and European levels.

The project will be carried out by a consortium of 10 partners with expertise in providing evidence-based policy analysis.

The consortium consists of the following institutions:

  • Center for the Study of Democracy/CBS (Bulgaria) – project leader
  • Ludwig Bolzmann Institute of Human Rights/BIM (Austria)
  • Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies, University of Antwerp (Belgium)
  • Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy/ELIAMEP (Greece)
  • Center for Policy Studies, CentralEuropeanUniversity (Hungary)
  • Centre for Social Studies and Policies/Fondazione Centro Studi Investimenti Sociali (Italy)
  • The People for Change Foundation (Malta)
  • Lazarski University (Poland)
  • People in Need/piN (Slovakia)
  • ACCEM (Spain)

Contact persons at ELIAMEP:

Dr Dia Anagnostou (danagnos@eliamep.gr)

Ms Eda Gemi (eda@eliamep.gr)

You can find more information on the website of the project.

Project co-financed under the European Integration Fund. Reference: HOME/2012-13/EIFX/CA/CFP.

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