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Mercator European Dialogue

Over the past few years, the debates within and among EU member states on political issues have become more intense and often controversial. Following the Treaty of Lisbon, national parliaments gained more influence on EU policy-making. Throughout the European debt crisis, national parliaments have regularly voted on measures with great political, financial and social implications for other member states and the EU as a whole. In addition, numerous new actors have competed in elections, thus changing the political landscape and discourse.

In this context, Stiftung Mercator launched the Mercator European Dialogue in cooperation with the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) in Germany, the Istituto Affari Internationali (IAI) in Italy, the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB) in Spain and the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) in Greece. This project aims at encouraging and growing a European network of emerging as well as senior parliamentarians. The exchange of ideas will be enhanced by innovative workshop formats in order to ensure a high level of interaction and dialogue. The project is funded by Stiftung Mercator and since 2017 also by the King Baudouin Foundation.

For members of parliament the Mercator European Dialogue is an important opportunity to exchange their ideas on the future of Europe, get to know colleagues from other countries, and channel national concerns to the European level and better understand emerging trends.

The Mercator European Dialogue convenes two levels of activities:

1.         A regional level with a series of smaller bi- or multilateral gatherings and

2.         A European level with three to four events bringing together 35-40 members of parliament from different countries.

ELIAMEP participates in Mercator European Dialogue


Events 2017:

4th Mercator European Dialogue “Europe: The Journey Ahead”, Berlin, 12-13 May 2017


Events 2016:

Workshop “EU strategic vision” Rome, 26 February 2016

 Workshop “Reconnecting the People with Europe”, Barcelona, 4 March 2016

Workshop “Refugees and Immigration”, Athens & Lesvos, 7-9 March 2016

2nd Mercator European Dialogue, Athens, 15-17 April 2016

Workshop “Sustainable Development in Europe”, Vienna 24-25 June 2016

3rd Mercator European Dialogue “Quo Vadis EU? Brexit, Political Polarization and Democratic Deconsolidation”, Bratislava 14-16 October 2016

Workshop: ‘EU-Turkey Relations Between the Refugee Crisis and the Failed Coup’, 3-4 November 2016

Workshop “Implementing the EU Global Strategy: A Common Strategy for a Stronger EU”, Rome 11-12 December 2016


Events 2015:

Workshop “EU Enlargement at a Crossroad”, Rome 16-17 July 2015

1st Mercator European Dialogue, Berlin, 4-5 September 2015

Workshop “German Leadership, Responsibility, Solidarity?” , Berlin 25-26 November 2015

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