The Directorate of Organizational and Academic Development and the Department of Student Affairs and Scholarships of the Ministry of Education Research and Religious Affairs announce forty-five vacancies (45) between Greece and 14 countries for the year 2019.

Eligible candidates are considered the following:

  1. The Tenured Research Staff of the Academy of Athens
  2. The Tenured Teaching Research Staff of HEIs
  3. The Tenured Special Education Staff of HEIs
  4. The Tenured Laboratory Teaching Staff of HEIs.
  5. The Special Technical Laboratory Staff of the HEIs.
  6. Doctoral Candidates

The deadline for submitting applications is from Monday, February 25 2019 until Thursday, April 25 2019.

The details of the application process, the eligibility terms and selection criteria as well as the online application, can be found by clicking here.