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Research is one of the two main tools used by ELIAMEP to achieve its objectives. It is conducted in the form of individual or team projects by specialised research fellows and associates and involves, not only “mapping the field”, but also identifying and developing alternative future scenarios and formulating corresponding realistic policy recommendations. In recent years ELIAMEP has accumulated significant experience and expertise in research related to European integration and the future of Europe; migration; multiculturalism; security and international relations; conflict resolution and peace-building; democracy and civic participation; energy; the media; human rights; environmental issues and climate change in particular; transatlantic relations; and, of course, political, economic and military developments in Greece’s wider neighbourhood, including the Balkans, the Black Sea, the Caucasus, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, with special emphasis on Greek-Turkish relations and Cyprus. Currently ELIAMEP focuses on the following four major research fields:

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