The RESCUER project aim was to revolutionize emergency response by equipping first responders (FRs) with advanced technologies designed to enhance their operational capacity and safety, especially under adverse conditions. The ultimate goal was to ensure that FRs can operate effectively in even the most challenging environments, such as those with compromised infrastructure.

Despite the potential benefits, the integration of these technologies raises several legal and societal issues that need to be addressed to ensure their successful deployment. Legal frameworks must evolve to accommodate new technological capabilities and ensure interoperability across jurisdictions. Privacy concerns related to the collection and use of sensitive data must be addressed to maintain public trust. Additionally, ethical considerations must be incorporated into the design and deployment of these technologies to ensure they respect human rights and dignity. Cross-border collaboration and community engagement are also critical to the effectiveness of emergency response systems.

This policy brief aims to provide SELP (Social, Ethical, Legal, and Privacy) policymakers with actionable recommendations to address these challenges. By focusing on harmonizing legal frameworks, enhancing data protection, integrating ethical guidelines, strengthening cross-border collaboration, and promoting community engagement, policymakers can ensure that the advanced technologies developed by the RESCUER project are implemented in a way that maximizes their benefits while minimizing potential risks.

The primary objectives of this policy brief are:

  • To identify and address the key legal and societal challenges associated with the deployment of advanced technologies in emergency response.
  • To provide specific recommendations that can guide policymakers in creating a supportive and coherent legal framework for these technologies.
  • To highlight the importance of data protection, ethical considerations, cross-border collaboration, and community engagement in the successful implementation of the RESCUER toolkit.
  • To outline actionable steps that can be taken to implement these recommendations effectively.

Read here in pdf the Policy brief by Irene Keremidou, ELIAMEP Research Fellow, and  Triantafyllos Karatrantos,  ELIAMEP Senior Research Fellow.