In Conversations: The Promise of Humanities and Social Sciences, Eleni Andriakaina and Rosa Vasilaki seek to address key questions arising in academic everyday life, in Conversations with fellow colleagues and students. The volume consists of seven essays – by Eleni Andriakaina-Rosa Vasilaki, John Tosh, John Holmwood, Suman Gupta, Nicos Mouzelis, Gregor McLennan and Gurminder Κ Bhambra – which, however distinctive in their focus, revolve around three major areas of interest: 1. the recent public turn in humanities and social sciences and the call of academics for engagement with a wider audience, 2. the intellectuals’ long quest for the unity of theory and political practice as well as the dilemmas of spokespersonship and, 3. the question of modernity as a fundamental sociological problem, its crises and critiques.

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