Book cover (1)The new book  Rights and Courts in Pursuit of Social Change: Legal Mobilisation in the Multi-Level European System edited by Senior Research Fellow of ELIAMEP and Assistant Professor of Comparative Politics at Panteion University Dr Dia Anagnostou  is  now available by Hart Publishing. The book explores the relationship between law, rights and social mobilisation in Europe. It specifically enquires into the extent and ways in which legal processes and entitlements are mobilised by less privileged social actors to advance their rights claims and pursue social change. Most distinctly, it explores such processes in the context of the multi-level European system, characterised by the existence of multiple legal and judicial arenas at the national, subnational and supranational/transnational level. In such a complex system of law and governance in Europe, concepts like legal opportunity structures, as well as the factors shaping them need to be reconceptualised. How does the multi-level European context distinctly shape the nature and salience of rights, as well as their mobilisation by individuals and minority actors?