Based on extensive empirical work by a cross-European group of researchers, this new Ashgate book: The European External Action Service and National Foreign Ministries: Convergence or Divergence? edited by Rosa Balfour, Caterina Carta and Kristi Raik, assesses the impact of the creation of the European External Action Service (EEAS) on the national foreign policy-making processes and institutions of the EU member states. As such, the contributions cover both the involvement of the national diplomatic and foreign policy actors in shaping the outlook of the EEAS and its mission, as well as the changes (or not) it has produced for those actors of the member states. The analysis draws in theoretical frameworks from Europeanization and socialization, but also from intergovernmental frameworks of policy-making within the European Union.

Research Fellows of ELIAMEP Dr Ruby Gropas and Dr George Tzogopoulos undertook the research on the Greek case and wrote the chapter ‘Greece and Slovenia: national diplomacies with limited means’ along with Dr Sabina Kajnč who analysed the case of Slovenia.

You can find more information on the book here.