The 1st Issue of Volume 13 of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies is available now. This issue contains a variety of articles discussing Europeanisation and the EU in Southeast Europe. Apostolos Agnantopoulos explains Greek support for Turkey’s EU Accession, and Ritsa Panagiotou looks at how the enlargement prospects of the Western Balkans will be affected by the Greek crisis. In addition, Jana Grittersová analyses the international dimensions of democratisation in Slovakia and Croatia, and Sokol Dedja discusses Europeanisation and efforts to curb irregular migration in the case of Albania. The issue also includes book reviews written by Spyros Blavoukos, Thanos VeremisJ.W. Christian SchusterChristian Axboe Nielsen, Fotini BellouEleni Mahaira-Odoni, Theodore CouloumbisVladimir Petrović, and  Dacia Viejo-Rose.

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