The Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) with the support of NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division launched in 2016 a public discussion on critical security issues. Using its website and in cooperation with important newspapers in Greece, ELIAMEP developed a knowledge hub on security issues in order to enhance the ongoing debate and raise public awareness. The first two rounds of this initiative, with the participation of Greek and international scholars and policymakers, were hosted by the leading Greek opinion-making newspaper: I Kathimerini (2016) and by the daily newspapers TA NEA and Efimerida ton Syntakton (2017).

The third phase of the initiative, which is part of the #WeAreNATO, will be launched in September 2018 and will include:

  1. The publication of debate folders about security and defence in ELIAMEP’s website and in cooperating newspapers and journals. More specifically, the following topics will be discussed: a) an evaluation of the country’s participation and the prospects for Greece in NATO, the public debate about security in Greece, the assessment of the terrorist threat, youth and gender perspectives on security issues, the regional sources of insecurity and the evolution of the European security and defense debate.
  2. The organization of four public discussions in different cities across Greece. The topics of the discussions will include gender and security issues, internal and external security synergies, security challenges from the South and defense and security in the 21st century- EU NATO cooperation.