The cascading impacts of climate change and Covid-19 have laid bare the need to revisit the urban and socio-economic development model through the lens of resilience.

Resilience and Recovery in Greece is a 24-month program that will create a Hub for Climate Change and accelerate the design and delivery of transformative climate initiatives that drive local impact while advancing progress toward Greece’s national resilience & recovery goals and SDG targets. The programme aspires to create a Hub for Climate Change with four key goals. To collect information making knowledge accessible, build capacity, enhance networking and contribute to the actions on the future of jobs through the lenses of climate transition and resilience.

The Hub aspires to collect all the country-related information in the form of a “one-stop shop” through an online platform that will serve as the focal point and will include legal commitments, studies, scientific articles, best practices from the international community and the actions of stakeholders relative to climate change. Such information will be collected directly from these stakeholders, who will be mapped, providing significant added value to the project.

At the same time, the Hub aims at enhancing the output of these actions by providing services to Hub users, in the form of networking and knowledge sharing, by connecting its users or providing online training on climate and resilience issues and the creation of “green” jobs, as well as by providing capacity building support, mainly at the local government level, for the creation of transformation programmes. The production of policy papers is also envisaged, based on the data that will be collected inside the Hub and the results of the citizens’ consultation panels. Finally, the Hub also aims to open the door to the international community and the discussion that takes place outside the Greek borders.

The Hub is expected to operate for a period longer than the project’s initial duration. The operation of the Hub will be a dynamic process and the progress will be monitored and evaluated. The end goal is to create a self-sustainable Hub that will be funded through various sources including a system of membership, thus ensuring its independent operation. The program will be delivered by an international consortium with significant experience and know-how.

Programme partners:

Democracy & Culture Foundation (DCF)

Resilient Cities Catalyst (RCC)

Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP)