ELIAMEP’s history is an affirmation of optimism. It confirms that initiative, imagination, merit, and collective work are successful. ELIAMEP’s story is a story of a foundation that grew from inspired ideas that were taken up by people who worked hard to ensure that these ideas bore fruit and grew strong. The names of those who played leading roles are well known. There are also many, however, who are less known. Among these are the office staff members as well as the people who supported the foundation’s growth as student interns and external associates. Together, these constitute ELIAMEP’s substance: a successful effort to stimulate policy-oriented thought over the last 20 years. ELIAMEP’s Presidents of the Board of Directors: Theodore Deyannis, Admiral (ret.) 1988 – 1992 Theodore Couloumbis, Professor Emeritus, University of Athens 1993 – 1995 Thanos Veremis, Professor of Political History, University of Athens 1996 2000 Loukas Tsoukalis, Professor of European Organisation, University of Athens 2001 –

Perhaps the most important factor in ELIAMEP’s success from it very beginning has been its optimum use of its human resources. Its staff and associates, in turn, have made the best possible use of the (constantly) limited available funding. To all those who have given their time and who have provided their assistance, and especially to the volunteers and interns who have dedicated their energy and drive, ELIAMEP owes a great deal. It is particularly gratifying to follow the professional development of these young professionals in the wider academic and university environment, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and in other services and institutions, international organisations, as well as in the media. Our priority will continue to be to invest in human resources that will staff ELIAMEP for the next 20 years of, we hope, even more successful operation.