Athanasios Grammenos (PhD) is a fellow researcher at Aristotle University, School of Theology, focusing on Religion in International Relations. He has received his Ph.D. in International Relations from the Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies of the University of Macedonia. He holds a BA in Political Science and History from Panteion University and an MA in Diplomacy from the Graduate Institute of Political and International Studies of Reading University.

His main academic interests include international relations with emphasis on ethnicity and diasporas, foreign policy and decision making theories, democracy and political communication. He has published numerous articles in journals and the Press, in Greek, English and German. He is a past Library Fellow of Sacramento State University and a recipient of NATO scholarship from the Greek Foreign Ministry.

He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and Op-Eds in Greece and internationally, while his views are frequently hosted by the Media. He is the author of the book Orthodox American; Archbishop Iakovos of North and South America in Greek American Relations (1959-1996), he has edited the book The Revolution of 1821 and Modern Greece, and he has published the poetry collection Margaron.