A nationwide survey on internet security was conducted and presented by Metron Analysis, on behalf of Vodafone Greece with guidance from ELIAMEP, in the context of the Delphi Economic Forum VIII, which will take place on April 26-29, 2023. The survey looks at the experience and perceptions of internet users and the Greek population as a whole, focusing on the way we use technology, the perceived risks, and the different ways we can protect ourselves from them.

As the findings of the survey show, the vast majority of people (84%), regardless of demographic characteristics, believe that internet use entails risk. The most commonly cited risks are, in order: the possibility of being cheated in an online transaction or purchase (48%), the misuse of personal data by third parties (32%), the sexual abuse and exploitation of minors (26%), and malware or the hacking of social networks and/or email (14%).

In relation to the security measures taken by internet users to address these risks, two thirds (67%) say they take measures to protect their online purchases and transactions. Specifically, the majority of internet users who take measures to protect their transactions only visit websites they know (90%), do not open e-mails from unknown senders (88%), use only their own computer (84%), and have anti-virus software installed (79%). However, it should be noted that 4 out of 10 Greeks say they are insufficiently informed about these risks.

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