We find ourselves in an environment of disorder and unpredictability, says  Professor George Pagoulatos, Director General  of ELIAMEP, in an interview  to the First Program station of the Greek Public Radio. Pagoulatos  points out that this is linked to the new Trump policy of undermining  major global agreements, such as the Paris Climate or the Iran Nuclear Treaty and Institutions, such as the WHO. The environment of multilateral institutions and rules within which the EU could exert its influence, has ceased to exist. Global disorder is not an environment  within which Europe can thrive being  unable to bring  member states closer together regarding critical issues, such as security and the challenges posed by China and the US. The European Union, China and the United States are in competition with each other, their interests more divergent than in the past, and that constitutes a global destabilizing factor, says Pagoulatos.


You may find the full  interview in Greek here