Thanos Veremis, Professor Emeritus of Political history at the University of Athens, Department of European and International Studies and Vice – President at ELIAMEP, comments in “TO VIMA” newspaper on the scientific contribution as well as the findings of the last issue of ELIAMEP’s scientific journal “South-East European and Black Studies”.

According to Dr Veremis: “Turkey’s mutation from an authoritarian secular state to a religious-inspired semi-dictatorial system in which central government and public administration become one, took about eighteen years to happen. The issue of March 2019 of ELIAMEP’s “Southeast European and Black Sea Studies” (19, No1) focuses on the topic of “Islam, populism and the change of rule in Turkey under the AKP”. Contributions are mainly from Turkish scientists, many of whom are in universities outside Turkey.”

You can read the full article, in Greek, here.