Dimitris Katsikas, head of Crisis Observatory of ELIAMEP and Assistant Professor, commented on the results of the European Parliament elections 2019 in Greece in the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 ORE .

Dr. Katsikas noted: “The victory of New Democracy was not really a surprise, since it had been indicated for months by opinion polls, as was the difference between the parties. In the latter stages of the campaign Alexis Tsipras’ personal involvement, was thought a catalyst that could reduce the gap.”

He also mentioned that: “The macroeconomic data is improving, but this is hard to be perceived by the people. The fiscal pressure and the increased insurance contributions have “punished” and enraged the middle class. The relief measures announced three weeks before the elections, seemed to many people as an attempt to buy off their consent.

You may read his interview, in Italian, here.