The resources of beneficence are valuable in order for our democracy to remain a field of creative pluralism and for the country to be active in international dialogue, points out Professor George Pagoulatos, Director General of ELIAMEP, in an article in Kathimerini. Pagoulatos argues for the possibility of raising funds from private capital to finance public goods, but notes that this practice must be accompanied by rigorous and credible criteria. G. Pagoulatos explains that think tanks produce scientifically substantiated studies that promote not only public dialogue but also the quality of public policy and ultimately democracy.Three of the largest such institutions in Greece are ELIAMEP, IOBE and DiaNEOSis and none of them is state-owned, he said, citing a recent international evaluation by the University of Pennsylvania (link here) ranked ELIAMEP 49th in the world the criteria being networking with international think tanks. This proves that serious and valid think tanks are valuable because they act as a window gazing into Europe and the world, Pagoulatos emphasizes.

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