Ioannis Armakolas spoke about Greece’s relations with North Macedonia and Albania, following the tensions caused by the statements of the newly elected president, but also about the Beleri case, in the radio show “Editorial Room” of ERT3’s 102FM.

Regarding VMRO-DPMNE and the new President, he said that one should remember that as the opposition for the last 7 years they had not accepted the Prespa Agreement, but nevertheless, he stressed that the situation is not likely to go to extremes. He also said that Greece should be very careful about the terms and terminology it uses when it comes to the bilateral relations between the two countries.

Regarding Greek-Albanian relations and the recent visit of the Albanian Prime Minister to Athens, I. Armakolas referred to the obstacles that exist and the need to build confidence-building measures and improve relations between the two countries.

You can listen to the interview in Greek here.

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