Greek peoples’ confidence in the country’s international position is strengthened, according to a public opinion poll conducted by the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy ELIAMEP and its key points presented by the newspaper Vima and journalist Angelos Athanassopoulos. At the same time, France is emerging as the country that Greek citizens consider
to be the most friendly one with significant distance from both the United States and Russia. Despite increased confidence, however, Greeks feel threatened. Naturally, the strongest threat comes from Turkey. The research of ELIAMEP and more specifically the Foundation’s South Eastern Europe Program was conducted in collaboration with the University of Macedonia’s
Opinion Research Unit. It was conducted nationally during the period 13-20 December 2019. Its sample were 1,128 people. 52.5% of respondents believe that Greece needs to strengthen its relations with the European Union. The corresponding rate for the US is 16% and for Russia 15%.

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