Europe faces great challenges and the question posed by Professor, Sciences Po,   Loucas Tsoukalis in his article in the Sunday Kathimerini, is whether it will be able to emerge victorious at this juncture. If Europe falls into the second category of global competition in state-of-the-art technologies, the impact on the economy at large and on politics will be far-reaching, says Loucas Tsoukalis, explaining that if the economic situation worsens, it is far from certain that the European Union will be ready to deal with it, since  the building on which the common currency rests,  still has holes in the roof and many of its windows are missing. The president of ELIAMEP stresses that while the fourth industrial revolution is in progress,  not even one European digital Company is included in the fifteen top digital companies of our times and while Europe is at the forefront of green growth, it is not certain that new European Commission President Ursula von der Laien will be able to achieve the necessary and essential consensus on combating climate change, enhancing digital connectivity and tackling migration.

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