Achieving this year’s target growth of 2,8% is becoming increasingly difficult for Greece, considering that regardless of the development of Covid-19 in our own country, the Greek economy will certainly be affected by the global impact of the pandemic, an impact that is growing daily and will be substantial, explains Dimitris Katsikas, Head of ELIAMEP’s Greek & European Economy Observatory, in an interview with After deducing the most significant predicted effects on tourism, travel, postponement of large conferences and business expos, Katsikas estimates that the global GDP could decrease by more than 1%, a loss of more than one trillion US dollars. This will impact Greece, whose losses would be even more significant if our economy was more globalized. Ironically, “the country is protected by its own structural weaknesses, its absence from the global production chain,” concludes Katsikas.


You can read the interview in Greek here.