Dimitar Bechev, senior research fellow at the South East Europe Programme, writes for Carnegie Europe, which is among the most reliable sources of analysis of European foreign and security policy.

On his latest article titled “The EU Cannot Give Up on Serbia and Kosovo” which was published on the 28th of September, Dimitar Bechev offers a comprehensive analysis of the recent developments in Kosovo and their implications on Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vučić and the broader efforts to settle the Kosovo issue. Bechev adeptly presents the complex web of events, including the recent deadly standoff and the involvement of various stakeholders, shedding light on how it has shifted the dynamics in the region. The article effectively highlights the challenges faced by Vučić, who was once viewed as a stabilizing figure but now risks being seen as a spoiler or warmonger. Bechev also touches upon the role of the EU in mediating the Kosovo issue and underscores the urgency of finding a resolution amid recurrent crises. Overall, Bechev’s analysis offers valuable insights into a pressing geopolitical issue and the delicate balance of power in the Balkans.

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