In an interview with Athina 9,84 fm Yorgos Christidis explained in detail the reasons behind the heavy defeat of the ruling SDSM party in North Macedonia’s local elections, which lead to Zoran Zaev’s resignation as well as the scenarios for the “next day”.

“The country’s European course is not proceeding. This is clear. And the citizens question the reasons for the great sacrifices such as the change of the constitutional name” he said and noted that when there is no European prospect for the countries of the Western Balkans, the necessary reforms inevitably do not make progress, while the reformist powers are politically undermined.

“We have to acknowledge that Mr. Zaev made a significant contribution regarding the solution of the name issue, which has been a great development for the Greek diplomacy. Greece should have perhaps better ‘exploited’ the time when Mr. Zaev was prime minister that is, to proceed more energetically in implementing the Prespa Agreement regarding opportunities that have in the meantime opened,” Christidis said. He also explained the further difficulties created now for the open issues between Skopje and Sofia.

You can listen to the interview in Greek here, after 9:20.