Greek society is blocked because social tools are stuck, due to actions or omissions of various sectors that have chosen to keep them stuck, explains Professor Dimitri A. Sotiropoulos, Senior Research Fellow of  ELIAMEP,  in an article in the Sunday Kathimerini. Dimitri Sotiropoulos points out that the disconnection of education from the labor market was not inevitable, it was the result of a political choice, giving as an example the degradation of technological education. It was not natural to inflate the number of pending court cases, it was the result of a conscious choice for overregulation and bad law system and resistance to the digitization of the functioning of the courts. The consolidation of large income inequalities was not dire, it was the result of the constant subjugation of appropriate social policy measures by other priorities. The professor concludes that it is not necessary for society to remain disconnected because of long-standing, albeit despondent, tendencies. To a large  extent, the situation is the result of selection and can therefore be changed.


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