Assistant Professor Ioannis Armacolas, Principal Investigator of ELIAMEP, speaks of the full activation of Greek diplomacy in the Western Balkans in an interview given to local Radio Station 9.84. He pointed out that Athens seems to be creating its own group of countries, which are in agreement with the integration of all the Balkans into the EU and with which it is prepared to
work intensively to achieve the said goal. Ioannis Armacolas stated that he is still not convinced that public opinion has changed regarding the Prespa Agreement issue. He furthermore estimates the end of March as the most probable date for the green light to be given on the start of accession negotiations with Northern Macedonia and Albania. The Chief Researcher of ELIAMEP pointed out that all the Western Balkans together are smaller than Romania, demonstrating their need to join the EU. Europe is not complete without the Western Balkans, he said in the interview.

You may find the interview in Greek here