Low turnout, political indifference, lack of trust and the rise of the pro-Russian party are some of the main conclusions of the Bulgarian elections of October 2nd, as Yorgos Christidis mentioned in an interview with Katerina Nicolopoulou.

“When there is no participation above 50%, serious issues of trust in the political system are raised.” Christidis stressed on the public abstention and adding that there is a polarization on the country’s attitude towards the war in Ukraine.

At the same time, Christidis analyzed possible scenarios of cooperation between the first party GERB (24.5%) and the other parties as well as the pressure on Boyko Borisov to retire from politics, having been already a Prime Minister before.

Finally, he stressed the important role of Greece in the country’s energy situation, and what the new government is expected to bring. “I don’t think Europe has anything to fear from what kind of government will be formed because in any case even if Borissov forms a government he has clearly stated that it will have a pro-European and Euro-Atlantic orientation”


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