The fourth meeting of the EU funded research program ‘European Identities and European Modernities (IME)’ took place in Istanbul on 5-6 October 2010, this time hosted by Bilgi University. The consortium discussed extensively the progress of fieldwork that attempts to trace the way European identities are formed in each country. While at an earlier stage studies focused on state and EU attempts at identity construction, at this point research teams attempt to examine through in depth interviews how NGOs’ representatives and active members of civil society, as well as individual citizens, make sense of their national and European identities. The ELIAMEP team presented the preliminary results of fieldwork concerning the case of Greece in a report entitled ‘Identity Construction Programmes of Non-State, Professional and Collective actors: Case Study Phase II’ which will be completed in the following months.

Moreover, IME has featured in Issue 8 of Socio-economic and Humanities Research for Policy News Alert Service, for more on the overall scope as well as preliminary results of the program see here.