GEOPOLITICS-OF-ENERGY final logoELIAMEP organises during the months of July and September a 63 hours hyperintensive and interactive training seminar comprised of 3 Thematic Cycles that analyze the fundamental economic and geopolitical parameters of the oil & gas industry with a particular focus on the regions of Southeastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. Every Thematic Cycle consists of seven (7) three-hour (3) presentations that will take place in ELIAMEP’s Office located at 49 Vasilissis Sofias Avenue. Each Thematic Cycle Seminar will run for 7 consecutive working days from 5.30-8.30 pm during a time period agreed with the Seminar’s participants.

The Principal Lecturers of the 3 Cycles are Dr.Thanos Dokos, Director General of ELIAMEP & Dr.Theodoros Tsakiris, Assistant Professor for Geopolitics of Hydrocarbons at the University of Nicosia & Member of the Board of Directors, Cyprus Hydrocarbons Company-CHC.

To maintain the interactive character of the seminars, only 21 applications will be accepted per each Thematic Cycle.

The cost of participation per each Thematic Cycle is  €175 for students of all levels and €225 for professionals. In case a participant subscribes for 2 Thematic Cycles there will be a 15% discount. In case a participant subscribes for all 3 Cycles there will be a 20% discount.

1st Cycle (Dr.Theodoros Tsakiris): The Fundamental Economic & Commercial Parameters of the Oil & Gas Industry from Exploration to Marketing.

2d Cycle (Dr.Thanos Dokos & Dr.Theodoros Tsakiris): Energy Security & International Politics: The Importance of Oil & Gas Geopolitics in the Strategy of Contemporary Great Powers

3d Cycle (Dr.Thanos Dokos & Dr.Theodoros Tsakiris): The Energy Diplomacy of Greece and Cyprus with a particular focus on recent events in Ukraine and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Seminar will be taught in English.

Besides the teaching material in power point format, additional bibliography will also be given to the participants who will also receive a Certificate of Attendance.

For any additional information please contact Dr.Tsakiris at 6936704036 or email him at