The aim of the webinar is to review, analyze and critically evaluate the provisions of primary European Law, according to which the EU is called to take into account and incorporate cross-sectoral policy objectives and elements in the definition and implementation of various policies.

Among the speakers will be:

Rachael Craufurd Smith, Reader in EU law, University of Edinburgh

Mauro Gatti, Assistant Professor of EU Law, University of Bologna

Tamara Hervey,  Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law, City University

Dorota Leczykiewicz, Associate Professor of Law, University of Oxford

Elise Muir, Professor of EU law, KU Leuven

Sybe de Vries, Professor of Public Economic Law, Utrecht University School of Law

Bruno de Witte, Professor of European Union law, Maastricht University and EUI


The agenda of the workshop is available here.